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We at G. Brown Shoes have chosen to support a nonprofit organization that means something special to us. Not only are we animal lovers, but a few of us in the G. Brown family have adopted the best and loving animals from the Bucks County SPCA.

Every animal deserves a second chance. That is why we have decided that for every online purchase you make, a portion of it will be donated to the Bucks County SPCA to provide a four-pawed friend with a meal. That way, they can stay healthy and happy throughout their stay at the SPCA

The three animals you see on this page are personal G. Brown family members. Introducing Catfish Herr, Jack Rosen, and Mikey Brown. Each has brought such a light to this family; we couldn’t imagine a day without them. “Adopting Mikey was one of the best decisions of my life,” marketing director Elizabeth Brown stated. “He’s a huge piece of my heart. I can’t really imagine a day without him. He’s a big ball of happy energy and brings smiles to everyone’s faces here at G. Brown Shoes. I am incredibly grateful to the SPCA for giving me my best friend and providing him with the best care before I adopted him.”

With your help, these four-pawed friends will continue to remain healthy and well-fed prior to adoption at the SPCA.
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For more than a century the Bucks County SPCA has provided a safe haven for animals who have been abandoned or lost, surrendered by their owners, or who have endured abuse or neglect. BCSPCA uses all available avenues to improve the welfare of animals in the county including: sheltering, foster care and adoption, lost and found, subsidized sterilization, humane investigation and education as well as assistance to help keep pets in homes. The organization is proud to have achieved a 93% average live release rate in recent years. Bucks County SPCA is an independent nonprofit supported by local charitable donations and is not affiliated with or financially supported by other local, state or national organizations, nor is it tax-funded. Donate online at or call 215.794.7425.

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